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May 16, 2011


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Color is my life. I collect pieces of paper or images solely to color pick the colors out. I have a well worn color wheel in my art kit, pantone books, and color theory books. Color in terms of design is invaluable, invoking mood and context. Whether it be passion, sadness, elegance or casual.
Knowing this it's helpful to find some great color resources in order to create designs that pertinent. For your designing needs I shall share some great color resources:

Color Scheme Designer Choose a color and a scheme such as triadic, mono, or tetrad and this handy little program shows you it's pleasing color matches.

Colour Lovers a fun community of people who love color. Follow color trends, search and create custom color pallette's and share with the community.

Color- Messages & Meanings: A Pantone Color Resource Covering basic color theory and offering up different color combinations to invoke feelings or perceptions. Offers up CMYK and Pantone numbers for reference.…

Color Index and Color Index 2 What's great about this series is not only the handy take along size, but also it has RGB, CMYK, and approximate Pantone match.…

Kuler Much like colorlovers Kuler offers the ability to make pallettes and sports a beautiful elegant interface.…

Have any other color resources you want to share?
Jakkar Featured By Owner May 19, 2011
Thankyou for the resources, Doodler.

I find (in my uneducated heathen lunatic state) that engaging in the science of colour feels somehow like a -betrayal- of the emotions the colour is meant to evoke. Whether the principle proves functional or not I can't yet say, but I feel the only way for me to use colour is by instinct, by eye, by experimentation.

You remind me a friend, my 'artist friend', a well-educated painter - I'm generally more the writer-designer of our partnership, yet he's the one dedicated to the technicalities of colour, form and composition while I go completely by what feels right at the time. It was contrary to my expectations - I didn't imagine it would be the writer-boy who would be obsessed with natural flow and instinctive methods.

Ultimately I think it results in my work looking like cheese, but I'm learning. Slowly.
chronicdoodler Featured By Owner May 24, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
I tend to only bother with complementary theory or straight color for my personal stuff.

But in graphic designer you need to understand how the majority and cultural perceives a color in general. I would never use bright red for a logo for weddings here in the west for example, but in Asia red is appropriate.
Jakkar Featured By Owner May 25, 2011
Ah, if we're talking commercial usage, certainly - but for 'art', for the sake of creativity to the tastes of the artist (even if that art is for public consumption, such as a movie or a comic book made for love more than money), fuck cultural impact. Do what feels right ^_^ I'm coming to understand more about the ways colours mix as I work with watercolour though.. So much harder to pick and choose in traditional painting, I have to think before I prod! D:
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