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Submitted on
February 26, 2011


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Group started to house the ever growing contributions to the "Expressions Reference Project" But also to collect the helpful tutorials and reference materials for the visual artist.

There are many clubs like this, but the distinction is I will not allow your inbox to become flooded with artwork, only tutorials and helpful reference. I am trying to add content now, and will create an organized fave gallery for useful stock. That way you can go to the faves to find the pose you need, without being inundated with hundreds of pictures in your devwatch, and miss the tutorials in a mass delete. I have done this, and actually removed devwatches for groups I really like because they became too popular and I saw 70 images to 1 tutorial.

Till then read this article by Dresden Codak, Very interesting hints on character design…

Great groups and stock artists for Reference and stock:


Directory of stock artists:
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